Get rid of everyday worries and fatigue by hanging out in a sauna with the possibility of pulling back into a pond.

Fee: 35 € family (2+children) for 2 hours

Hot tube

What can be better than this! one can say and you cannot disagree- what can be better than watching sunset or counting stars, sitting in a warm tube, massage bubbles surrounding your body and the nightingale itself singing serenades!

Fee: 50 € family (2+children) for 2 hours


SUP boards are available to our guests for use in our pond. Everyone loves SUP!

Fee:  for our guests- free of charge.

Children playground

For our smallest guests we have a large playground with a big trampoline, playhouses, a sandbox, a swing, and a pulley ride.

Fee:  for our guests- free of charge.

Wather trampoline

On the hottest summer days, you just want to spend the whole day in the water. The water trampoline is a lot of fun for older children and teenagers.

Life jackets are available for your children's safety.

Fee:  for our guests- free of charge.

Sports playgrounds

A beach volleyball area, football area, basketball basket and a set of gymnasium bars with a boxing bag are available.

Fee:  for our guests- free of charge.

Horse rides

Riding horses and ponies, riding with a carriage, a sledge ride in winter offered by our lovely neighbours - the equestrian club DEMORA.

For current prices and availability call: T.+371 29 522 360


Perch, carp, tench and a huge number of crucian carp live in our pond. It is crucian carp fishing that turns out to be an exciting adventure for children, because they always catch!!!

Fee: 5 € for fishing rod/ day, 5€ for a retained fish (excl. crucian carp fishes).